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Cygnify's origins lie in academic research in artificial intelligence (AI) and in particular machine learning methods. Cygnify's goal has always been to take the potentially very powerful algorithms developed in the academic AI community as a basis; extend them, make them more applicable, and wrap them in enterprise-level software; and subsequently use them (through provided software components based on them or through consultancy making use of them) to solve genuine problems in people's lives through the products created by our B2B customers and partners.

Cygnify builds and provides customized software products and services, and also specialized consultancy services. These are based primarily on Cygnify's methods and expertise on big data analytics, artificial intelligence, and in particular machine learning, as well as their applications in intelligent transportation systems.


The software products and services are provided mainly as B2B software components and backend web services for web apps and mobile apps.

Traffic, navigation and logistics have been primary application domains from the start, and Cygnify is currently expanding into the wider areas of connected, mobile, location-aware apps and personalized information services. We're based in the heart of The Hague, the seat of government in The Netherlands.


And we're hiring! We're looking for smart, enthusiastic, hardworking people who have one or more of the following skills and/or backgrounds: computer science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, intelligent transportation systems (ITS), software engineering & development (preferably with Eclipse), web services (Tomcat/CXF preferred), Matlab/Java/C++, JNI, linux experience, linux system administration.


Please contact us if you're interested.





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