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Active Driveguard

Cygnify Active Driveguard is our advanced driver monitoring and protection product, designed to detect, predict, and counter driver distraction and fatigue. It is based on inward-looking (driver facing) and outward-looking (driving context) cameras, combined with proprietary, deep learning-based detection algorithms. The system has unparalleled, independently validated accuracy, while running in real time on a small in-vehicle computer.



In the MeBeSafe project, Cygnify works together with world-class European automotive OEMs and research institutes to develop in-vehicle (ADAS) systems to "nudge" drivers to safer behavior. For the project Cygnify has, among other things, further developed its camera-based and deep learning-powered road user forecasting method, achieving state-of-the-art prediction accuracy.



The Mediator project brings together leading European self-driving car technology partners and

human factors research institutes, to pioneer the increasingly accepted concept that expertise on and AI for human factors must be incorporated better in self-driving cars. Cygnify leads the work on developing and integrating AI components for driver monitoring, (semi-)automated driving, and advanced human-machine interfaces.



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